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Fusing Sterling Silver

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Learn how to create unlimited, unique textures in metal!  In this technique-based class, students will learn how to fuse sterling silver, which involves heat and flux (no solder) to create a single piece of textured metal (instead of solder, which joins 2 pieces of metal together).  These textured sheets of metal can then be used for any pieces of jewelry.  Design options will be discussed.  

Class Duration: 8 hours with a 45-minute lunch break

Prerequisites: Metals 1 or equivalent

Materials Fee:  $30 which will include 3" x 3" piece of sterling silver in 24 gauge and studio materials.

Last day to cancel for a full refund: December 2, 2020.

About the Instructor, Jen Lesea-Ames

Jen Lesea-Ames

A former exercise physiologist and triathlete, Jen retired from her fitness career after receiving a diagnosis of hip dysplasia and decided to go full-time with her jewelry business in 2014.  Wanting more of a challenge after stringing beads for three years, she studied metalsmithing at the Denver School of Metal Arts (now called Denver Jewelry Studio).  When she took a fusing sterling silver class with Nancy Blair at DSMA, she fell in love with the technique, and this became the foundation for her unique jewelry designs in fused sterling silver.  

With over 8 years of experience fusing sterling silver, Jen is best known for her Mountain collection, which is sold through the national catalog, Uncommon Goods.